On the morning of March 10th, AMOLI Education – Scholarships – Immigration participated in the “Counseling for the 2023 University Admissions” event at Chu Van An High School as a study-abroad and scholarships counseling agency. Alongside more than 20 universities and other counseling centers, AMOLI had a vibrant morning, providing valuable information to the students during the event.

AMOLI tại trường THPT Chu Văn An

The “Counseling for the 2023 University Admissions” event gathered hundreds of students, parents, teachers, as well as representatives from universities and study-abroad counseling centers at Chu Van An High School. Presenting at the booth from 7:30 in the morning, AMOLI Education – Scholarships – Immigration was well-prepared with knowledge, information, and enthusiastic spirit to support students with their study-abroad needs or inquiries.

Along with Chu Van An High School’s students, AMOLI Education – Scholarships – Immigration brought useful information about universities, international scholarships, and opportunities for immigration in countries such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and more. In addition to the necessary knowledge about studying abroad, the students also enjoyed entertainment activities such as lucky draw. Lucky students received adorable gifts such as notebooks, pens, cups from AMOLI, along with study-abroad coaching vouchers valued up to 5.000.000 VND.

AMOLI tư vấn cho các bạn học sinh THPT Chu Văn An

Wrapping up the event, AMOLI Education – Scholarships – Immigration hopes that the participants from Chu Van An High School have decided appropriate directions for their higher education, especially for those interested in studying abroad. AMOLI would also like to express gratitude to the school administration and the students of Chu Van An High School for inviting AMOLI as “Companion Partner” and for a successful and meaningful counseling event.

Các bạn học sinh có mặt tại booth của AMOLI

If you want more useful information about studying abroad, scholarships, and immigration in different countries, please contact AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration for more!

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