On the morning of December 17th, two representatives from AMOLI, Ms. Nguyen Dieu Thuan and Mr. Le Duc Phuong, honorably participated as guest speakers in the training session on “Career Orientation and CV Writing Skills”. This internal training workshop was organized by the Law Consultant Club (LCC) from Foreign Trade University.

“Career Orientation and CV Writing Skills” is always a hot topic for students who are interested in improving themselves. Therefore, AMOLI, together with the two experienced guest speakers, Ms. Dieu Thuan – CEO of AMOLI, and Mr. Le Duc Phuong – Director of Non-Banking Financial Institution Structuring at Techcombank, created a meaningful training session for the students at the Law Consultant Club.

Under the guidance of Ms. Dieu Thuan and the humorous conversational style of Mr. Duc Phuong, the training workshop took place in a lively and cheerful atmosphere. It began with a sharing session on career orientation skills by Mr. Duc Phuong, covering two main topics: getting acquainted with and surveying students’ career aspirations, followed by providing career orientation advice to the students. The training session continued with a presentation by Ms. Dieu Thuan on the skills required for CV writing, along with feedback and comments 1-1 on the CVs of the participants.

In addition to the dedication of the guest speakers, the students were also enthusiastic and actively posed challenging questions, opening up new perspectives on the topic. After the training session, AMOLI received positive feedback, stating that the information and knowledge provided helped the students gain a better understanding of their career orientation and create a well-structured CV for themselves.

AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration would like to express gratitude to the Law Consultant Club from the Foreign Trade University for inviting AMOLI to participate and become a “Companion Partner” throughout the training workshop. In the future, AMOLI hopes to have more opportunities to collaborate not only LCC but also other clubs within the Foreign Trade University.

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