On April 9th, in line with the state’s direction and Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son, in promoting youth education and keeping up with new technologies, AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration successfully organized the seminar “Freshmen in the AI Era – The Era of Artificial Intelligence.” With the participation of four reputable speakers and representatives from prestigious educational institutions around the world, the seminar attracted over 100 students and parents in Hanoi.
The rapid development of AI-related technologies is gradually changing our lives and replacing human activities. Understanding the mindset of students when choosing their majors and careers in this era, AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration organized the seminar “Freshmen in the AI Era – The Era of Artificial Intelligence” in collaboration with English Faculty – Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV) and British University Vietnam (BUV)

During the seminar, the audience was provided with foundation knowledge about AI, the opportunities and challenges in future careers due to the rapid development of technology, as well as the necessary preparations to enter the era of Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, students enthusiastically participated in consultations on educational paths, study abroad opportunities, and scholarships with representatives from educational organizations such as British University Vietnam, Shorelight Education, Kings Education, Global Study Partners from countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and more.

The seminar began with the sharing of Dr. João Fialho, a Mathematics Ph.D., senior lecturer at the British University Vietnam (BUV), and the Director of Postgraduate Studies, who is also a co-founder of an European technology company. Dr. Fialho shared that AI has already been and is continuing to change our lives in various ways. He recognized that making use of the benefits of AI is the most appropriate choice. He also provided different perspectives on the question of “How to master AI?”

Tiến sĩ Toán học Joao Manuel Fialho - giảng viên cấp cao tại Đại học Anh quốc Việt Nam (BUV)

From the viewpoint of a young entrepreneur with extensive experiences in fundraising for technology startups, Ms. Vân Anh, the National Managing Director of Hooked Protocol backed by Binance, provided the attendees with insights into career prospects and the challenges that AI brings. According to her, faced with increasingly advanced technology, students should learn and understand how to use AI tools from their early days in school. This will be a “golden ticket” to impress employers because the ability to apply technology will be an essential hiring criterion in the next 5 years.

To continue the seminar, Ms. Dieu Thuan and Mr. Duc Phuong, advisors of AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Imigration, provided valuable information on future trends of AI, how AI can be applied in the new era, short-term and long-term technology-related scholarship programs and top-notch universities in this field. To help future freshmen envision university life, Ms. Thuan shared additional knowledge and skills that will be taught at university, which are in collaboration with AI tools to develop themselves and their careers in the future.

After passionate sharing sessions, there were numerous questions asked by students and their direct interaction with the speakers. Through this solemn yet intimate seminar, AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration believes that all attendees had the opportunities to gain their own knowledge and experiences.

AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration would like to express the sincerest gratitude to the four speakers, representatives from prestigious educational institutions, and over 100 students and parents, who contributed to the success of the seminar “Freshmen in the AI Era – The Era of Artificial Intelligence.” In the future, AMOLI would love to organize many more projects and events that bring value to students nationwide.