The second season of the “IELTS Computer-Delivered Test Ambassador” competition, organized by IDP Vietnam for teachers nationwide, has officially found the most deserving Ambassadors with the highest IELTS scores. AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration would like to congratulate Ms. Le Yen Chi, the Academic Director of AMOLI, for winning the Top 10 Northern Region New Ambassadors!

“The IELTS Computer-Delivered Test Ambassador 2023” is the first and only competition for teachers nationwide to showcase their skills in computer-delivered IELTS organized by IELTS IDP Vietnam. Following the resounding success of Season 1, IDP has officially launched Season 2 with the participation of nearly 100 teachers nationwide. Surpassing worthy candidates, Ms. Le Yen Chi achieved an outstanding IELTS score of 8.0 and won the Top 10 Excellent Teachers with High Scores, as well as becoming the New Ambassador for the IELTS Computer-Delivered Test in the Northern Region.

Ms. Le Yen Chi currently holds the position of Academic Director at AMOLI, with remarkable achievements, including:

  • Achieving IELTS 8.5 twice
  • A perfect TOEIC score of 990
  • Years of experience in Academic Management positions at English Language Centers
  • Proficiency in three languages: English, Chinese, and Korean

With such impressive results, Ms. Le Yen Chi has not only demonstrated excellent English proficiency but also affirmed her expertise, becoming a great source of inspiration and motivation for those pursuing educational goals and honing their English skills. This is a great pride and honor for Ms. Chi Le personally and for the dedicated and enthusiastic team of AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration as a whole.

The IELTS Computer-Delivered Test, which has now been introduced in Vietnam, brings significant benefits compared to traditional paper-based exams. Candidates can choose flexible test dates and locations that suit them, and the computer-delivered format shortens the scoring and result announcement time. Candidates will receive their results within 3-5 working days, faster than the paper-based format. Additionally, taking the test on a computer helps reduce concerns about writing and erasing mistakes, as errors can be corrected immediately.

To participate in the IELTS Computer-Delivered Test, candidates can register through AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration for assistance with filling out information and completing procedures. After completing the registration, candidates will receive notifications of the test date and location via email. With the support of registration provided by AMOLI, it is hoped that this will create favorable conditions for candidates to quickly access opportunities for studying abroad, working, and settling in foreign countries. Together with the experienced and dedicated team of teachers, especially under the guidance and direct instruction of the 2023 IELTS Computer-Delivered Test Ambassador – Ms. Chi Le, AMOLI hopes to bring you the best services and experiences!

If you want more useful information about IELTS, as well as studying abroad, scholarships, and immigration, please contact AMOLI Study Abroad – Scholarships – Immigration for more!

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